Measuring Value and Performance of Investment Real Estate

“Investment value” is what an investor is willing to pay for a property. Investment value is unique to each individual investor, depending on the perspective, risk tolerance, and objectives of the investor. Investors typically are interested in cash flow performance. As property prices continue to rise, appreciation becomes a factor in valuation. But appreciation is … Read more

Why Invest in Real Estate?

An investment is an expenditure of money in exchange for income or profit. A myriad of investment types exists. Some investments produce guaranteed income while others fluctuate with market conditions. Real estate – land and anything permanently attached to it–is something we’ve all had experience with. Everyone needs a place to live, work, and play. … Read more

Sale-leaseback transactions benefit owner-users, investors

Owners of commercial real estate who operate a business on their property can convert equity into cash by selling the property and leasing it back from an investor. Commercial real estate professionals call the transaction a “sale-leaseback.” The benefits to the seller and the investor in this type of transaction often out way the drawbacks. … Read more

Where to Find Financing for Commercial Real Estate

In the real estate industry, commercial buildings are “bricks and mortar” investments bought, and later sold for profit. But to you, the acquisition of a commercial building functions as both an investment and a place to conduct your business. For businessmen and women who plan to acquire business property, there’s good news: the commercial real … Read more

Entrepreneurs Facing Lease Vs. Own Decision Need to Take Long-Range Outlook, Expert Says

Fledgling entrepreneurs — be they owners of accounting firms, machine shops, local restaurants, clothing stores, dry cleaning establishments or other small businesses — face the question of whether to lease or own the property housing their business. According to a national commercial real estate expert, there is no “right” or “wrong” answer. A variety of … Read more

Sound Advice for the Small Investor Planning to Build a Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

Individual stocks and bonds. Mutual funds. Precious metals. Certificates of deposit and interest-bearing checking accounts. Ask the “average” investor where he or she directs investment money, and more than likely the answer will include one or more of the vehicles listed above. But what other options are available to the investor who wants to truly … Read more

Homebuyer Tax Credit Changes

National Association of REALTORS® Government Affairs Division 500 New Jersey Avenue, NW Washington DC, 20001 Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on the changes to the Homebuyer Tax Credit. Question: Existing homeowner credit: Must the new house cost more than the old house? Answer: No. Thus, for example, individuals who move from … Read more